Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Thoughts on Radio Stories and other things

I live in the Austin area and 590KLBJ had a story about the next legislative session looking at increasing the payroll tax to something like 1.5% of an employee's salary or $500, whichever is less. I'm against this if this is, as I heard it, a way to supplement the current educational system. In my area of work, we are already working with too few people resources and a modification of the tax system like this would likely hurt my workgroup's chances at pulling in the necessary people to get the job done.
On 1370 Mike Gallagher was speaking to people who were complaining to him about the Hollywood crowd supporting Tsunami victims through the telethon. Mike was right on saying that we need to appreciate their contribution in a non-partisan way. Those that are complaining that they (the Hollywood types) just want their face on national TV need to lighten up.

On a separate note I'm looking forward to the Amazing Race tonight. I'd like to see that guy who is always yelling at his wife get kicked off, but I doubt it - he may be rude but he and his wife are still a strong team.

Haven't watched last Sunday's Desperate Housewives - the kids haven't been going to sleep early enough for me to commit to the ~50 minutes of showtime. I can't believe I'm so fascinated by the show since it is a Soap Opera - but then I was also addicted to Buffy and Angel, both of which I'd classify as Soap Opera's, so maybe it's no different.

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