Sunday, January 23, 2005

Making Your Blog Visible and Popular

After watching a segment on the Screen Savers on G4TechTV, I started wondering what it would really take to have a BLOG so popular that you'd have people actually come visit it quite often. On of the hosts mentioned that he slacks off and doesn't post every day (gee, like me). Of course he's got a professional looking self made site (or so it seems) and I'm using this free Blogging service. The guest mentioned she gets email all the time about people wanting their Blog reviewed in her (and her team's) Blog, but that people only provide things like "Please review my site 'cause it's way cool" or something along those lines.

I'm thinking Google and other places would probably at least have my blogs show up if I add somewhere either randomly or in context those terms that seem to make the internet so popular with perverts and lurkers get at least a hit. Heck, a random misspelling here and there may even attract a visitor or two. For example, if I were to be describing the round platter of plastic that used to be used to play recorded sounds called a phonographic record, misplacing a couple of letters makes that a pornographic record and BAM! I potentially have a hit because of that word.

Then again, the type of person I would be interested in hitting my blog would not be the potential sado masochists interested in words related to sex and other what society used to consider taboo topics. I'd be more interested in people reading my Blog that were interested in the things that I am interested in. So again, key words may come in handy.

I already had this in mind when I wrote the previous logs with television shows, although I realize I am no television critic and don't have the writing style that would really attract people to reading my opinion about those shows. Perhaps if my Blog included key words as almost a product placement concept. Combine that with my interests and I may end up writing a Blog on Anime, particularly Yu-Gi-Oh (believe it or not I am interested in Kazuki Takahashi's work even though I'm in my 30's), Shonen Jump (Where Yu-Gi-Oh the Manga was originally posted), Duel Monsters (I play the card game online), the Sci-Fi Channel and shows like BattleStar Galactica, Earthsea (Le Guinn's books as well, not just the lame movie produced by Sci-Fi), Farscape, Golf and on and on.

I believe each of these may be spotted by Google's web bot's and, again, potentially make even this one post a hit on their list - even if it's #1000 on the list.

I could be wrong. All of this message is based on no research whatsoever and is simply my armchair philosophy on blogging. I hope if you do read this you have a similar thought process.

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