Friday, January 21, 2005

Desperate Point Pleasant

I finally watched Desperate Housewives. It was a good episode, but not the best. As usual we were teased or treated with some revelations, new things to think about, a couple of twists and, as usual, a good bit of dark and dry humor.

I do not believe the writers had Bree's story line planned out in advance to get to this juncture. There was something about the way they described her decision to ask the pharmacist out that somehow does not match, in my mind, the last two episodes where she just seems to be trying to punish Rex.

I am intrigued by the way they are portraying Susan. She's a writer of children's books, seems to want to be a good role model for her daughter, seems to be fairly squeaky clean on the surface but we know so much about her not everyone in the neighborhood does.

She's burned down a house, sleeps with the neighbor, has her daughter break into a house and otherwise doesn't seem to be that concerned about anything but being caught.

Well, we will see where the story goes.

I watched Point Pleasant as well. I was happy to hear a new show was coming out that had a player associated with Joss Whedon's work, producer Marti Noxon. I really enjoyed most of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Both those shows had been the only fantasy shows being broadcast since Hercules and Xena ended. I've been in a fantasy show withdrawal pretty much since Angel's last (and pretty good) episode. Now I have something else to look forward to - yet another struggle if good vs evil. I only hope that it does not keep every episode as humor-lacking as episode one. That is, I can see that they want and succeeded at making a dark, brooding drama, but am hoping the despair that it seems the town is in for is offset with at least some breaks of humor.

I have not yet watched the Amazing Race, but should be able to tonight or tomorrow morning.

I do not know if I could ever be convinced that blogging is all the new media seems to think it is. I have yet to see anything other than opinion based on either news that has been seen or read from readily available new sources or from simple personal experience. Will bloggers change the world in reality? I doubt it.

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