Sunday, November 01, 2009

The day before All Souls Day 2009

A Halloween Walk – by John Hoffer

The fake fog was thick, and dark too was the night, though at times both were brightened by soft glowing orange lights. There were Mechanical Cackles and digital groans, recorded thunder was pealing from foam molded head stones. Ghouls, witches and monsters were making the rounds, while red devils and demons made giggling sounds.

Bountiful bees and bakers and liches walked hand in hand with candy corn witches. Simmons’ and Berts, tiny Elmo’s and Ernies carried bodiless heads with mass market candies.

And while I was walking, observing these things, a surprising event interrupted the scene. A shooting star streaked a long tail ‘cross the night, drawing a line towards the moon white and bright.  The treat seeking kids just could not bother to take a look upwards to gaze and to wonder.  I did see though, and that’s all that does matter. I saw and I mourned the celestial wanderer.

Its glow was bright orange, like Halloween lights. Its journey cut short as it died in my sight. Now just a memory, like holidays past, like candy consumed a treat that can’t last. Another year gone, new  memories made, though this special memory I hope never to fade.

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